Name; Mark "Chunky" Chamberlain
05 11 1962 
Position; 1_11 
Previous Clubs; not applicable 
High Score; 98 Ystalyfera in 1989 
Best figures; 5 / 25 v lisvane (bad side) 
Most treasured performance; any win for club 
Fav film/book; The da vinci code 
Fav quote; My round by anyone else than me 
Best cricket memory; 1st team debut (long time ago) 
Cricket hero; Viv Richards 
Hills plymouth hero; derek vaughan (complete nutter now a MEP FOR WALES ? )



Name; Jarrad Lewis
d.o.b.; 10/07/1998
position; 7-11
prev club; none
high score; 19 not out
best figures; 1.3-3-0 v ponty under 13's
treasured perf.; 2nd xi debut this season v pwll
fav film; harry potter
fav book; whats a book
fav quote; dad give me money
best cricket memory; my dad dropping a guy on 99 off my bowling (donkey)
cricket hero; alistair cook

hills hero; fairy arm shopland 



Name; Ashley "The Colonel" "Caddick" "Cowan" Curnow
D.O.B.; 08/04/1992
Position; Anywhere in the middle
Previous Clubs; N/A
High Score; 53 vs Pwll
Best Figures; Not the best at bowling
Most Treasured Performance; Scoring my first 50 for the club.
Favourite Film; Man on fire / Old school
Favourite Book; I prefer tv
Favourite Quote; Learn the rules you fu*@ing c*nt! Clive Owen
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
Best Cricket Memory; My first League game for the club against Landore, at the start of the season.
Cricket Hero; Kevin Pietersen

Hills Plymouth Hero; Chunky 



Name: Harry 'The Bastard' Baber
D.O.B.; 23.11.1994
Position; Batsman, Grenade launcher
Number: 3,4
Previous Clubs; Baglan 
High Score; 53 vs Brecon
Best Figures; 2 for 2 vs Ponty
Most Treasured Performance; Hitting 47* too win the game for Hills 16's last year.
Favourite Film; Step brothers
Favourite Book; Playboy weekly
Favourite Quote; 'Rape'
Best Cricket Memory; Getting given my nickname from the barmy army
Cricket Hero; Clive

Hills Plymouth Hero; Danny D 



"It's your turn to pay for the ******* snooker" 

Name; Clive Owen.
D.O.B.; Just before the war.
Position; Nowadays who knows
Previous Clubs; Hoovers when I was banned from the club & Alsager Physical Education College.
High Score; 152 not out versus Loughborough Uni.When I could bat.
Best Figures; 4 for 31 BP.Llandarcy.When I could bowl.
Most Treasured Performance; 152 against the best sporting Uni in the UK
Favourite Film; Usual Suspects.One flew over the cuckoo`s nest & Zulu.
Favourite Book; It`s not about the bike.Lance Armstrong
Favourite Quote; "Work is the curse of the drinking classes"
Best Cricket Memory; Being top of the league averages and being selected for the League Representative XI to play Barbados.
Cricket Hero; Viv Richards

Hills Plymouth Hero; The Capel Hill Crew & the late Geoff Twose R.I.P. 



Name: Paul "Proddy" Arthur
D.O.B.; 06.02.84
Position; Caple Hill or the Bar
Number: put me in after the guy with the walking stick.
Previous Clubs; Railway club
High Score;does the 2 runs i got in the sixes last year count?
Best Figures;
Most Treasured Performance; 3 hour long sing song while watching a test match
Favourite Film; Last castle, the Matrix, man on fire.
Favourite Book; any of the Jeremy Clarkson ones
Favourite Quote; If its too loud, your too old.
Best Cricket Memory; i drink to much watching cricket to have many memories of it...
Cricket Hero; 

Hills Plymouth Hero; Clive. pure entertainment. 



Name; Steven Murphy
D.O.B.; 05/10/1983
Position; Caple Hill (Usually sat on the bench that has 2 pieces of wood???? Poor design!!)
Previous Clubs; El Koolay
High Score; Not at all applicable
Best Figures; Slim with big boobies
Most Treasured Performance; Sinking 12 pints on Caple Hill and still rocking up to the Railway Club
Favourite Film; Kodac ISO 120
Favourite Book; Reading is for intellectual folk (that’s not me)
Favourite Quote; I’m only having one drink.....
Best Cricket Memory; Winning runs by Mr P Ervy against Measteg.
Cricket Hero; Probably Robert Croft because I like his version of Alouette

Hills Plymouth Hero; I love u all equally for the welcome that we receive off you 



Name; steve "robocop" manning
D.O.B.; cyberdyne systems model 101
Position; doggystyle
Previous Clubs; Hirwaun
High Score; 112 v landore
Best Figures; 5/6 baglan
Most Treasured Performance; scoring a ton and taking 4 wickets against landore
Favourite Film; The Terminator
Favourite Book; Jin Ocean Takeaway Menu
Favourite Quote; "Get to da choppa!, If it bleeds, we can kill it!"
Best Cricket Memory; Nearly killing the tea lady at pwll
Cricket Hero; Mike roberts
Hills Plymouth Hero; Nicky thom

"I can't afford teas boys, too expensive!" 




"Which wall do you want done Mrs Evans...."

Name; Jason 'Ice cream man' 'Custard' 'Italian Stallion' Castaldi
D.O.B.; 08/12/74
Position; 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Previous Clubs; Hirwaun
High Score; 89 v Hopkinstown
Best Figures; 5/12 baglan
Most Treasured Performance; taking 5/12 against Baglan
Favourite Film; Green Mile
Favourite Book; Painters Weekly
Favourite Quote; Homer thinking of another word for tough and Santa's Little Helper saying "chewwwey"
Best Cricket Memory; Winning Division 4 with Hirwaun
Cricket Hero; Fridgey

Hills Plymouth Hero; Boys on Caple Hill 



He's just a Baber, Baber, Baber doll! 

Name; Stephen 'Moonie' Baber
D.O.B.; 29/02/1984
Position; Number 1 
Previous Clubs; Don't be silly!
High Score; 123* v Landore
Best Figures; 5/6 (on a Sunday of course when I was Captain and could bowl a spell of more than 0.4 overs!!!)
Most Treasured Performance; 123* v. Landore in first game of 2011 season - first (and so far only) League hundred for the club
Favourite Film; Far too many to choose from - Coach Carter, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Stepbrothers
Favourite Book; I hate books
Favourite Quote; 
"And you can **** off as well!" - Andrew Lewis to a girl of about 4 who was shouting at him as he walked off the pitch after getting out for a golden duck against Pwll!"
Best Cricket Memory; Has to be scoring my maiden 1st Team hundred against Landore with Caple Hill in fine form with various chants and a shedload of comments on my Facebook when I looked the next day from during my innings! 
Cricket Hero; Eddie Thomas

Hills Plymouth Hero; Eddie Thomas 



Name; Andrew Lewis
D.O.B.; 27.12.1986
Position; Captain, Kit Man, Bowler who likes to bat
Number: Batted everywhere
Previous Clubs; There would never be another club
High Score; 56* vs Llandysul/ Porth/ Bedlinog
Best Figures; 10 for 29 of 15 vs Dyffryn CC
Most Treasured Performance; Hitting winning runs vs Maesteg Town 
Favourite Film; Green Street
Favourite Book; Lance Armstrong Autobiography
Favourite Quote; Fail to Prepare, Preare to Fail!
Best Cricket Memory; Taking 10 wickets in a game 
Cricket Hero; Steve Waugh

Hills Plymouth Hero; Peter Warren and Chris Birch (Like Ambrose and Walsh back in the day) 



Name; Jon Caple
D.O.B.; 08/10/80
Position; Caple Hill
Previous Clubs; Railway Club, Kooler
High Score; 0*
Best Figures; 0/0
Most Treasured Performance; Beating Pontllanffraith by 1 run when I was scoring the book
Favourite Film; Hangover
Favourite Book; Racing Post
Favourite Quote; "If you show the umpire some love then the umpire will love you back"
Best Cricket Memory; Pervy hitting the winning runs v Maesteg. Birchy taking 7 wickets v Maesteg. Any of Glam's successes in the late 90s
Cricket Hero; Dai Kelly

Hills Plymouth Hero; Another vote for Chris Birch 



"We'll bowl...."

"Phil they haven't even tossed yet and they only got 4 men!"

NAME. Phil lewis
D.O.B. 24/05/1971
POSITION depends on game
BEST FIGURES 6 FOR 23 v llandarcy
MOST TREASURED PERF. 71* V BAGLAN winning with team of kids
FAV. FILM gladiator
FAV BOOK any footy autobiography
FAV QUOTE i am the f*****G league les abraham during on field arguement
BEST CRICKET MEM. playing a game with my 2 sons for the first time
CRICKET HERO ian botham

HILLS PLYMOUTH HERO les abraham (sadly missed) 



Name; Matthew 'Sherminator,Alex,Pollock,Ginge' Davies
D.O.B.; 01/09/94
Position; OBW
Number 7/8/9/10/11/12
Previous Clubs; 
High Score; 69 v Upper Rhondda
Best Figures;5/something
Most Treasured Performance; 35* Vs Skewen, to get to a competitive score total!
Favourite Film; Taken
Favourite Book; Cant read,Sorry
Favourite Quote; I love willy, Harry
Best Cricket Memory; First Cap For Wales. :D
Cricket Hero; Andrew Flintoff

Hills Plymouth Hero; Jon Caple & His Men 



"That wasn't a wide...that was out....why you hit that....what you looking at" 

Name; Matthew "Legohead" Lewis
D.O.B.; 27/02/92
Position; All-rounder
Previous Clubs; -
High Score; 87 vs Machen
Best Figures; 4/12 vs Aberdare
Most Treasured Performance; Most probably scoring 87 vs Machen, all be it on a Tuesday. Top scoring and bowling well. A skippers performance one would say.
Favourite Film; Step Brothers
Favourite Book; Don't read
Favourite Quote; “There is no pressure at the top. The pressure’s being second or third" - Jose Mourinho 
Best Cricket Memory; -
Cricket Hero; Jacques Kallis 
Hills Plymouth Hero; Peter "Fluff" Warren



Name; Johnathon "Ratty" Baber
D.O.B.; 24/08/92
Position; Number 3 
Previous Clubs;Surrey,Sussex
High Score; 100* v Lisvane
Best Figures;5/25 v some shit sunday team
Most Treasured Performance; 42 down cimla this year on a shit wicket to give us a platform to win,after keeping like a div
Favourite Film; Step Brothers
Favourite Book; Dont Read
Favourite Quote; Upto his nuts in guts or which way is up the hill-Matthew Davies
Best Cricket Memory; Winning The league as a coach in my 1st year coaching the 15's! beating Tondu in the last game to win it!
Cricket Hero; Adam Gilchrist

Hills Plymouth Hero; Chris Birch 



"Someone go halfway" 

Name; Chris "Fairy Arm" Shopland
D.O.B.; 24/12/1981
Position; Number 3/4 
Previous Clubs; Hirwaun, Aberdare
High Score; 178* v Llandarcy
Best Figures; 2/28 v Pontyberem
Most Treasured Performance; 80 odd not out v Aberdare as a kid to win game
Favourite Film; Shawshank Redemption
Favourite Book; Telephone Directory
Favourite Quote; If something's too hard to do, then it's not worth doing - Homer J Simpson! 
Best Cricket Memory; Sunday game for Rams, Ryan Watkins kept hitting Rob Tay into the houses for sixes and this woman going nuts on him threatening to call police as the tiles and roofing kept falling to the floor!  
Cricket Hero; Steve Waugh

Hills Plymouth Hero; Chris Birch 



"Done a thousand reps today boys...anyone going to Dowlais tomorrow for all dayer!" 

Name; Aled Bubble Cosgrove Walters
D.O.B.; 02/11/1985
Position; Number opening batsman????? (fitness coach)
Previous Clubs; south australia, tasmania
High Score; 50*
Best Figures; someone ask rocket!!!!
Most Treasured Performance; debut for the 1st this season
Favourite Film; anchorman
Favourite Book; sunday sport
Favourite Quote; matthew lewis in one of the 1st games of the season " essex havent won at home since july" stephen
babers reply " well they dont play through then winter math!"
Best Cricket Memory; Cricket Hero; mark cosgrove

Hills Plymouth Hero; chris birch 

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